Rebecca Miller is a powerhouse... Energetic and tightly wound, she sold Beethoven's Fourth Symphony as I doubt it has ever been sold before. The performance was taut and explosive.
In a play, if there is consistency among the cast, that comes from the director. In a concert, if each work is equally delightful, and here they were, that’s due to the conductor... each gem sparkled as much as the bejeweled shoes worn by Rebecca Miller.
While you may never get to see the super-star-jet-set conductor Gustavo Dudamel on the podium, after you’ve seen Rebecca Miller, you can save the plane fare to Los Angeles. She has everything he has and something he doesn’t – precision.
Miller displays an unerring sense of suspenseful anticipation and comes through with authority. This new CD is both revelatory and triumphant.
Scott MacClelland, Performing Arts Monterey Bay
'all spiritedly stirred by the American conductor Rebecca Miller, a miracle of perpetual motion herself'
Geoff Brown, The Times (London)
If you’re still a CPE novice, I can’t think of a better introduction to his brand of inspired eccentricity than these terrific, high-octane performances, live in every sense.'
Richard Wigmore, Gramophone Magazine
These performances are first class: while Miller sets convincing tempos and secures the crispest ensemble, she has evidently taken immense care over nuances of phrasing and the players respond accordingly.
Bayan Northcott, BBC Music Magazine
'...the OAE, under the utterly brilliant, enthusiastic direction of Rebecca Miller'
Julia Savage, Bachtrack
The performance of Mozart 40 was the best of the lot.... the pacing of the first movement was near perfection, so intelligent and dramatically fulfilling.. a superb orchestra with an exceptional director, Rebecca Miller.
Steve Crowther, York Press